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Visual Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity introduce

Corporate Identity reflecting the harmony between inner and outer beauty, traditions and the future, and reason and sensibility.


The ABC symbol is a combination of three first letters of ‘Asian Beauty Creator’ which is Amorepacific’s long-held vocation. The ‘thumb up’ design with a heart shape at the bottom represents Amorepacific pursing to be No.1 in delivering beauty and love.


The mix of camellia flowers and green tea leaves in a circle represents the harmony of differences which is the Amorepacific’s core philosophy and its vision to make the world a more beautiful place.

Word Mark

The soft, sophisticated, and feminine image of Amore meets the strong, entrepreneurial, and masculine image of Pacific in ‘Amorepacific’ to express the perfect harmony of contrasting qualities: - inner beauty with outer beauty; traditions with the future; emotion with reason; and nature with science.

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