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Experience and deeply nourish your inner and outer beauty and health, from the idyllic Jeju Island's healing organic green tea

Beauty and health radiate from within. In the late 1970's on the pristine Jeju Island, Amorepacific's founder Suh Sungwhan established a green tea farm, with the vision of reviving Korea’s rich history of tea culture. With rich volcanic soil and clean water, the farmland yielded plentiful organic tea crops inspiring a lifestyle brand offering dozens of teas, foods, and accessories embodying Asian Beauty and inspiring true harmony from within. Today, enabled by modern research and technology for natural farming, Osulloc is a tea culture brand and its tea house are more like a cultural healing space where you sample our award-winning, certified organic teas, directly harvested from JeJu Island. You’ll feel rejuvenated through the relaxing experience with a sip of tea. At Osulloc we believe beauty starts from within and we provide a calming and healing place to begin the process.

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Years of studying Korean herbal medicinal cosmetics

3.3 million

Total area of Jeju tea field(㎡)


Awarded the first place at the North America Tea Championship, Roasted Tea Division (2014 Illohyang / 2013, 2015 SEJAK)

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