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Heritage Ingredients


Beans are one of the world’ts longest-cultivated plants, and a staple food for civilizations throughout history. Koreans have been consuming beans for thousands of years, including soybeans and red beans. In fact, there are roughly 400 types of beans cultivated in Korea, with a range of applications for nutrition, health, and beauty.

Why Beans?

Amorepacific has dedicated itself to studying the health and beauty effects of beans since the 1980s. Through this research, we found that when used on the skin, beans prevent the appearance of lines and aging, in addition to deeply hydrating the skin. We also discovered that isoflavone, a naturally occurring compound in legumes, has numerous beneficial properties when applied to the skin.

This discovery ushered in the beauty food movement, now a global phenomenon. Relying on beans’ remarkable germination and fermentation properties, we were successful at developing natural ingredients extracted from beans. Alongside our R&D efforts, we have several bean farms across the country to cultivate and preserve rare types of beans.

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