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Heritage Ingredients


Ginseng is known as the miraculous medicine, and is highly esteemed in Korea and across Asian cultures. This mystical plant is so revered that it is featured in Chinese temple art and was historically presented as an offering to the gods in Korea. For nearly 2,000 years, Koreans have consumed ginseng to promote wellbeing and to cure a range of ailments affecting both body and mind. From the days of the Goryeo Dynasty, established in 918, Korean ginseng in particular has been well known for its efficacy. Among the various types of ginseng, the ginseng cultivated in Gaeseong, the region home to Amorepacific’s founder, has long been considered the highest quality.

Why Ginseng?

Owing to its healing properties, ginseng was the first raw ingredient that Amorepacific invested in. Since 1960s, we have been researching the ginseng plant for its beneficial effects on skin. Our cutting edge research for over 50 years has led Amorepacific to become a global leader in the cosmetic application of ginseng.

We have identified proprietary formulas and extracts from the ginseng plant, from the root to the berries. In 1966, we developed ABC Ginseng Cream, the world’s first Korean herbal medicinal cosmetic product. Through our research on saponin, a uniquely effective ingredient found in ginseng, we developed the world’s first enzyme-treated red ginseng saponin, noted for its anti-aging properties. Ginseng is also known for strengthening the immune system, increasingly vitality, and fostering overall good health. Applied to the skin, ginseng brightens and moisturizes, and has powerful anti-aging properties.

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