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Heritage Ingredients

Green Tea

Green tea has been an integral part of Korean culture for thousands of years. The tradition of taking time to nurture one’s body, appreciate life, and enjoy the beauty of nature is part of Korean tea culture. From the drinking of tea to the practice of tea ceremonies, the celebration of tea is deeply rooted in Korean tradition. The widely esteemed psychological and physical benefits of green tea, including its powerful antioxidant properties, have made it an integral part of the Korean diet for generations. Now, through Amorepacific’s research and innovation, green tea has become a similarly indispensable part of beauty regimens.

Why Green Tea?

Since 1979, Amorepacific has been cultivating green tea farms in the biodiverse ecological habitat on Jeju Island, located off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. Jeju Island is one of the world’s top three tea cultivation habitats. We started growing tea on Jeju Island on reclaimed lands that had been left fallow. Today, we grow the highest-quality organic green tea cultivated from the best farming environment on roughly 3.3 million square meters on the island.

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, amino acids, and catechin (an antioxidant), green tea has been shown to act as anti-inflammatory agent, to reduce signs of skin aging, and has been associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Through our R&D efforts, we explore other innovative applications for green tea in beauty products for body and skin. We have conducted research not just on the tea leaves, but also on the plant’s stem, roots, flowers and seeds. We hold numerous international patents relating to green tea effects on skin.

Through our research on epigallocatechin-3-gallat (EGCG), a polyphenol compound found in green tea, we discovered its efficacy in combating the effects of aging. EGCG is incredibly effective at reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increasing the skin’s radiance. Amorepacific was the first company in the world to stabilize this sought-after antioxidant and use it in skincare.

Another of our proud R&D achievements was to develop the best methodological combination to extract the maximum amount of catechin, which has many potential benefits and applications for our skincare products, from the green tea leaf. We continuously work to combine green tea with cosmetics to produce lustrous effects for the skin.

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